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About us

General Numerics Research Lab e.V. is a private non-commercial scientific institution. Employing numerical modeling, we perform fundamental research in natural sciences (with an emphasis on the condensed matter physics) and help in developing of modern technical and medical applications. Members of our institution are highly qualified physicists, mathematicians, programmers and material scientists, everybody with a rich experience and a large body of peer-reviewed publications in leading scientific journals.

We work in a close contact with our industrial partners, carrying out "research on demand", i.e. helping the companies to optimize their future technologies well in advance by employing the state-of-the-art numerical simulations of corresponding physical processes. Our joint work allows our partners to save both time and financial and human resources, by gaining deep insights into the physics of their technological processes prior to building even prototype devices.

Everybody who is interested in this kind of cooperation is mostly welcome to contact us.